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Date: 2024-07-20 12:06:13UTC


The Times of India: Telangana health officer treks 16km, wades through stream to give medicines to tribals

NHK: トランプ氏銃撃事件で誤情報や陰謀論 誰がなぜ? 拡散の先には


The Times of India: Bangladesh unrest: Nearly 1000 Indian students back home, says MEA

NHK: 台風3号が発生 24日ごろには沖縄 先島諸島に接近のおそれ


The Times of India: 'Why this arrogance?': Amit Shah attacks Rahul over Parliament conduct

NHK: JR中央・総武線の各駅停車 三鷹~千葉 運転見合わせ


The Times of India: 'BJP-RSS damaging constitutional bodies': Cong amid Puja Khedkar row

The opposition party has intensified its criticism of the central government in light of the recent resignation of UPSC chairman Manoj Soni, which occurred amid the ongoing controversy involving trainee IAS officer Pooja Khedkar. The party has raised questions about alleged irreg [...]

NHK: 「国を守りたい」でも「殺したくない」 ウクライナの葛藤は


The Times of India: 12 hrs on, Coast Guard ships battle fire onboard vessel in Arabian Sea

The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) is actively responding to a fire on the merchant vessel Maersk Frankfurt, positioned 17 miles from Karwar, Karnataka. ICG ships Sachet, Sujeet, and Samrat are engaged in firefighting operations, supported by an ICG Dornier aircraft and an ALH Dhruv he [...]

NHK: 立民 枝野氏“国会議員 任期延長の憲法改正 認められない”


The Times of India: Microsoft outage: CrowdStrike CEO explains the 'logic' that went wrong

A faulty software update from CrowdStrike caused widespread disruptions, impacting critical services globally. CEO George Kurtz explains the issue and provides a fix for customers. Incident not a cyberattack, and systems affected during specific timeframe.

NHK: 大相撲名古屋場所 7日目 横綱 照ノ富士は宇良に勝ち7連勝

大相撲名古屋場所は7日目、10回目の優勝を目指す横綱 照ノ富士は平幕の宇良に勝って初日から7連勝としました。

The Times of India: Centre could have consulted law panel for new criminal laws: Madras HC

NHK: 各地で熱帯夜 夜もエアコン使用を 明日も危険な暑さに


The Times of India: In Kolkata classrooms, protesting friends in Bangladesh on mind

Bangladeshi students studying in Kolkata express concern and worry for their family and friends participating in violent protests over quotas in Bangladesh. They share their support and solidarity while monitoring the situation closely. The students feel distressed by the reports [...]

The Times of India: Who was US Rep Sheila Jackson Lee who made Juneteenth a federal holiday

A Democrat, Jackson Lee had represented her Houston-based district and the nation's fourth-largest city since 1995. Despite a previous battle with breast cancer, she announced her pancreatic cancer diagnosis on June 2, remaining steadfast in her faith and commitment to her duties [...]

The Times of India: Amazon sale: 5 not-to-miss deals on iPhone, MacBook, iPad and other Apple products

Amazon Prime Day sale features discounts on various Apple products including iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook Air, 20W USB-C Power Adapter, and iPhone 13. Prices slashed for a limited time.

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